Automate mouse clicks with AutoClicker

Do you also hate double work? Beautiful! Then we have a nice tool for handy repeating mouse clicks. So don't keep clicking one after the other, but just make the right setting and then press a handy hotkey just one more time. You can automate mouse clicks with AutoClicker.

All major programs (such as the Microsoft Office suite, among others) are equipped with macro functions that allow you to record recurring activities and – later – play them back repeatedly. Not infrequently, the macro functions are accompanied by a complete programming language such as Visual Basic for Applications. Again honestly, that makes you as a normal computer user quite simple! That has to be different…

That is why we would like to draw your attention to the pleasantly simple tool AutoClicker, of which there are several versions. Such as OP Auto Clicker, which allows you to automate a single mouse click, and Auto Clicker by Polar, which allows you to capture and execute multiple mouse clicks. The operation of these two tools is almost identical, so the choice is yours.

Example with web browser

A nice example is the web browser that has quite a few tabs open. You can click away those tabs one by one. That comes down to clicking repeatedly on one and the same spot over and over again. Exactly that job is very handy to automate with the help of Auto Clicker.

Start Auto Clicker and start by telling the click interval on 500 milliseconds is set. That gives you a little more time to see what happens… Set the cursor position in on Current location. Note, that Current location is the position of the mouse pointer when the setting within Auto Clicker is set hot key (which in this case is a shortcut key ) is pressed.

Optionally you can reach the field repeat just indicate that the click action should be repeated several times, but that is not necessarily necessary, because everything can be arranged using the shortcut key with which you start and stop.

Then move the mouse pointer to the correct position within the web browser. That's the close icon of the first tab at the top left. Hover over that exit icon and press the Auto Clicker Hotkey. We have only this to say: “Voilà!”

Other hotkey

That's how easy Auto Clicker is to use. There's only one thing you can get in the way of and that's the hotkey that controls Auto Clicker. That hotkey can conflict with a hotkey of the program you are currently operating. Fortunately, that can be solved using the option Hot key setting, because with that you can set any hotkey combination you deem desirable.

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