Send a funny Christmas message with JibJab

If you want to send an online Christmas card, you naturally expect more than a simple message. With JibJab you make a video with yourself in the lead role.

Step 1: Choose video

Go to and click at the top all. Scroll down and click Christmas. Choose one of the options and you will see an example video of what your card could look like. You have to register for free first, click on Become a Member, enter your details and click Sign up with email. When you found a video you like, click Make card.

Step 2: Import photo

You now need to upload a photo of yourself. This can be done via your webcam, a file on your computer or via Instagram, Facebook or Dropbox. Make sure the photo of your face is as clear as possible, a passport photo works best. In the next step, you need to rotate and zoom your face so that your eyes and mouth are at the same height as in the example. Use the two sliders at the bottom or move the photo by moving your mouse up, down, left or right. When the lines for the eyes and mouth are exactly over your photo, click Next. In the next step you determine your jawline: the triangles should lie exactly on the corners of your mouth, place the circle between your lips (or if you smile exactly under your upper teeth). Place the square at the bottom of your chin. Close by clicking the check mark. You can add multiple faces, for example of family members. Click on the plus sign next to your own photo. You will be guided through the video and with each option you choose one of the faces at the bottom. Finish by pressing Done to click. If you specified only your own face, the video preview will be created.

Step 3: Share video

At the top it says Merry Christmas by default! Change this to something else if you want. At the bottom you now choose one of the sharing options. For example, click Copy Link if you want to add the link to your Christmas message to a personal email. Open your mail program, choose the recipients and add the link to your mail by pressing Ctrl+V.

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