How to turn off Windows 10 feedback requests

You can of course collect data from users anonymously (like everyone else does), but Microsoft goes even further: Windows asks you for feedback.

Now there is essentially nothing wrong with that. If you have something to complain about Windows or you just love a certain feature, it can be very valuable to share it with Microsoft. Sometimes, though, Windows 10 seems a little over the top in its hunger for user information, as the feedback question does pop up ridiculously often. Fortunately, like a lot in Windows, you can adjust that to your own needs or disable it completely. Also read: This is how you tighten the privacy settings of Windows 10.

Disable feedback prompt

click on Start and then Institutions. In the menu that appears, click on Privacy. In the left pane, click on the heading Feedback and diagnosis. At the top you see the option Let Windows ask for my feedback, with a drop-down menu below it. The default option is Automatically selected (we understand that from Microsoft), but you can change this value to a somewhat lower frequency, such as once a day or once a week. But really fair? We don't really plan to send feedback at all, not because we're such privacy advocates, but simply because we're usually on the computer, so we don't plan to make time for it at all.

In short, we choose in the drop-down menu Never. Nice and quiet. By the way, if you don't want to send anything to Microsoft in principle, you can go under the heading Diagnostic and consumption data indicate that you do not want to send data to Microsoft. Then nothing will be sent without your permission.

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