Show week numbers in Outlook 2010

For some people, using week numbers in their diaries and calendars is indispensable. However, in Outlook 2010, these are not displayed by default. We save you the search to find this option and direct you directly to the right check mark. The instructions are given for both the Dutch and English versions of Outlook 2010.

Open Outlook 2010, click the yellow File (File) button and then Options (Options).

In the Outlook Options window ( Outlook Options ), click the Calendar button and scroll to the Display Options section. Check the Show week numbers in the month view and in the Date Navigator option.

The result is as follows, see next image.

Please note: there are differences in how week one of a year is calculated in different countries. In the Netherlands, week one is the first week of the year that contains four or more days of that new year. But in the United States, week one is the week in which January 1 falls. Go back to File / Options / Calendar ( File / Options / Calendar ). In the Work Time section, check whether the First week of year option is selected in the First week of year (First 4-day week) option. If not, adjust that.

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