JamCam: Filming with music

A video can quickly be made much more fun by providing it with music. Fortunately, there are now plenty of mobile apps with which you can edit your recorded videos afterwards. However, JamCam now makes this a lot easier.

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone

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  • Pros
  • Soundtrack under video
  • Multiple takes
  • Negatives
  • Limited video duration
  • No filters or titles

JamCam is an app that allows you to instantly add music to your creations while recording videos. For example, you first select a song from your music library in the app. When you then start recording, you will hear this music playing. Similar to services like Vine and Instagram, JamCam allows you to shoot a multi-take video. It is very useful that the music you have chosen continues to play uninterrupted in the final result.

The fact that JamCam is not directly tied to a social medium makes it very nice that you can decide in the app what to do with your recordings afterwards. Unfortunately, JamCam seems to have taken over the limitations of services like Instagram and Vine. For example, JamCam wouldn't let me record videos longer than 15 seconds. This could have given the service a distinctive character. What I also find very unfortunate is that JamCam does not give you the option to add nice filters or titles to videos afterwards. It must be said that the app is easy to use, but may be too limited for users with slightly more requirements.


JamCam is an app that allows you to record videos that you can directly soundtrack from your music library. Videos you record can consist of multiple recordings, giving you a lot of freedom. Unfortunately, the duration of videos is limited to only 15 seconds and also no other options are present in the app. With this, JamCam largely loses out to services such as Instagram and Vine.

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