Smartphone Projector 2.0 - From cardboard box to beamer

If you are visiting friends or on vacation and want to show the movies from your smartphone, the screen will quickly become too small for everyone. The English company Luckies therefore devised the smartphone projector.

This second version is almost immediately ready for use, unlike the predecessor that you first had to glue yourself. Here you only have to mount the lens in the right place and carefully provide it with two rubber rings to keep it in place. You open the back of the box a bit and stick a kind of rubber anti-slip mat against which the smartphone will lie. Also read: 9 tips to get the most out of Netflix.


The box is made of sturdy cardboard and the lens is made of real glass.

The projector has room for a device as large as the iPhone 6 Plus. The image will soon be shown upside down through the lens, so you need the Video Rotate & Flip (iOS) or Ultimate Rotation Control Android app to solve this. This rotates the image 180 degrees, after which it ends up properly on the wall again. Then you choose a video, press start and put the smartphone in its place. You close the door, point the box at a white wall and just watch.

Moderate light

That is, if you have darkened the room where you are very well, the wall is very white and you have set the brightness of your screen to 100%. Only then do you see what the intention is. Placing the projector closer to the wall makes the image a bit brighter (but also smaller) and you can focus with the extendable part. Yet it is mainly the moderate brightness that makes viewing less pleasant. You may not expect much for this price - and Luckies states on their website that the beamer is intended as a 'fun gift' - , but anyone who has a decent tablet will enjoy watching their films just as much.

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