Gigaset GS290: budget-friendly all-rounder with XXL screen

Users place rather high demands on a smartphone. Unfortunately, more functionality usually results in a higher purchase price. Gigaset is an exception with its new-fangled GS290. This device has a lot of technology at home without you immediately paying the main price. Enjoy impressive mobile performance and a mega-large screen!

You almost always have a smartphone with you, so a slick design is more or less a prerequisite. Fortunately, smartphone manufacturers such as Gigaset release products in various color combinations. Take the Gigaset GS290, for example, which you can buy in a pearl white or titanium gray version with a glossy finish. Add to that the impressive 6.3” screen and you can go back for years. Although the device has a large screen on board, the overall size is not too bad thanks to the minimalist design with thin screen edges. The device has a nice size to take with you on the go.

Mobile computing center

The available computing power is important. To operate the pre-installed operating system Android 9.0 Pie without delay, the device needs a decent processor. Many smartphone brands go wrong with their budget devices in this area. Nothing is more frustrating than an excruciatingly slow user environment. However, the German Gigaset does not make any concessions with its brand new GS290. The existing MediaTek chipset contains eight computing cores that run at a clock speed of 2 GHz. In combination with 4 GB of RAM, you can actually do anything you want on this smartphone. Even the heaviest apps run smoothly. The device has 64 GB of flash memory for the storage of apps, photos, videos and documents, although you can also store a micro SD card of up to 256 GB in it.

High-quality display

It is now clear that the Gigaset GS290 has a large screen, but that doesn't say anything about the image quality. No worries; the resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels and brightness of 430 cd/m² are perfectly fine. Thanks to the bright display, you can still read the display well in a strongly lit environment.

The scratch-resistant screen logically lends itself well to video streaming, for example via Android apps such as NPO Start, YouTube, Ziggo GO and Netflix. The powerful battery of 4700 mAh comes in handy here. This offers enough capacity to play about seven to eight hours of videos. Of course, you can also watch your own photos and videos directly. Thanks to the 16-megapixel camera, you always have a high-quality camera at hand. You can also use the GS290 to record videos in Full HD.

Technical gadgets

Nowadays, manufacturers are increasingly succeeding in delivering extremely complete smartphones at affordable rates. The Gigaset GS290 is a textbook example. We highlight some technical gadgets. Thanks to support for dual SIM, you can put two SIM cards with different phone numbers in the housing if desired.

Handy in case you use the smartphone for both business and private purposes. The device also contains an NFC chip for mobile payment and a modern USB-C port for charging external devices. This makes the device act as a power bank. Security has also been considered: users unlock their smartphone with their face or fingerprint.

Attention to the environment

Many manufacturers of affordable products are guilty of 'disposable electronics'. A bad thing, because the worldwide mountain of waste is increasing rapidly as a result. Fortunately, it can also be different. Gigaset does indeed manufacture affordable smartphones, but it does take its responsibility with sustainable production. For example, the manufacturer from Munich recycles as many production materials as possible and tries to keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. For example, the packaging of the GS290 consists of compostable grass fibres. Apart from a protective film for the display, the packaging is completely plastic-free.

The Gigaset GS290 is available for 269 euros at, MediaMarkt,, Phone House and Expert.

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