This is Windows 10 Night Mode (Night lamp)

We already knew the night mode from iOS and macOS, for example. For a while, the 'blue filter' has also been available in Windows 10. Under the somewhat less sexy name Windows 10 Night Mode (night lamp).

The evening people among us prefer to work until the late hours, or at least sit behind a screen during those hours. Experts have long argued that the bluish light that predominates on most screens is not good for a good night's sleep. It is therefore better to have more yellow light in your area during the later hours. And preferably also a more yellow cast about everything you see on your screen. As promised, this can now also be achieved in Windows 10, just as was previously the case in iOS, for example.

Launch the Settings app and click System. Click in the left column on Display. You will now see a switch on the right under the heading Night Light, switching it on immediately gives a much warmer hue. Not everyone is charmed by this, but biologically it is healthier. If you think the yellowness is a bit too much (or too little), click on Night light settings.

First, you now see the strength control, which is neatly placed in the middle (50%) by default. Set it in such a way that you like the effect best. However, keep in mind that the less strong you set the filter, the less effect it will have on your condition.


You can also let Nightlight do its job automatically. If you have enabled location data on your system, then choose the option a bit lower Sunset to sunrise for the most 'natural' rhythm. If you do not want that or if you have chosen to turn off location settings, it is also possible to use the option Set hours manually enter the desired times. Everything else works as usual in Windows after activating Nightlight. However, do not edit photos or videos, because there is of course a huge color deviation going on.

That is also the danger of the automatically switching night lamp: you run the risk that you get so used to it that you forget that the filter is on. So pay close attention in that regard, especially if you don't want to get frustrated the next day because of a whole series of 'failed' photo edits, for example.

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