This is how you customize the Windows 10 start menu

With the arrival of Windows 10, the popular Start menu returned. With the start menu you can adjust many more things to your own taste than in Windows 8. What can you adjust? In this article we discuss the options.

In Windows 10, Microsoft has combined Windows 8's Metro start menu with the traditional Windows start menu. As a result, you can get at-a-glance updates with Live tiles, while you can simply select your shows from an organized list if you wish.

Resizing the Start Menu

If you hover your cursor over the top or right edge of the start menu, the arrow changes to a double arrow that lets you resize the start menu by dragging.

Customize tiles

You can toggle Live tiles (tiles that show updates or slideshows and refresh regularly) by right-clicking on them and Enable Live Tile or Disable Live Tile to select. If you disable a Live tile, it changes to a regular tile.

If you want to remove a tile from the start menu, you can do so by right clicking on the tile Unpin from Start. If you want to pin an app to the start menu as a tile, you can do so by clicking the All apps view right-clicking the app and Pin to Start to select. Regular apps can also be pinned to the right side of the start menu. Similarly, you can add apps to the taskbar.

Tiles can also be resized. Right click on a tile and choose Resize. You can then choose from the options Small, Normal, wide and Big. If you have an odd number of small tiles, you will be left with an empty space.

You can remove an app by right-clicking on its tile and Undo installation to choose. This is not possible with standard Windows apps, such as Mail.

Group tiles

If you drag a tile to other tiles on the right side of the start menu, it will be placed in a group with those tiles. To move tiles from one group to another, all you have to do is drag them.

If you hover your cursor over the empty space above a cluster of tiles, an = icon will appear with the text Name group. If you click on this, you can give the group of tiles a name.

Customize the 'All apps' view

If you the View all apps of one account, you must %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu in the location bar of the Explorer type or paste and on Enter to press. If you the All apps To customize the display of all accounts, you must C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu use and on Enter to press. Then the contents of your start menu will be displayed in the Explorer and you can get started with it.

You can rearrange and rename the shortcuts listed here, or even add new shortcuts. Metro apps are not displayed here. You can adjust and remove these by right-clicking on them in the start menu.

From the All apps view, you can remove or pin programs to the start menu or to the taskbar by right-clicking them and selecting the desired option.

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