This is how you delete a lot of Gmail messages at once

Within Gmail there are several options for deleting emails. For example, you can delete emails per sender or you can throw away messages that meet a number of other criteria in no time. We explain how that works.

Gmail does not have a clear simple tool for the so-called 'bulk operations'. There is no button to press or menu option to select to delete (or edit) posts that share a specific attribute. But, it is possible.

Before doing bulk operations, remember that by default, Gmail displays your mail as conversations (what I sent you, your reply to it, my reply to your reply, and so on) rather than single messages. So, for example, if you delete all messages from your ex, you immediately delete all other messages in those discussions as well.

If you don't want that, turn off the Conversation View mode. Click the tool icon in the top left corner and select All Settings. In the tab General, setsConversation View on from. Once you're done, you can turn it back on.

To search

You start the bulk process with a search. If you want to delete all messages from a particular address, click on the search box at the top of the window and type from:, followed by the address, such as from: [email protected] (we hope that's not the address you want to throw away though).

On the other hand, if you want to delete or move all messages linked to that address - from, to, cc, or even just mentioned in the text - hit the from: label and type in only the address.

You'll soon be presented with a list of posts that match your criteria. Click on the Selectbutton (to the left of the Refresh button). This will select all visible posts or discussions, but probably not all posts that match your search criteria. So make sure you click the link first Select all conversations that match this search clicks.

If you want to delete the messages, click on the trash can icon.

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