This is how you use Instagram without a mobile phone

Instagram is not only available as an app for your phone or tablet: you can also use the popular social media platform on your PC and laptop. In this article, we explain how Instagram works on PC.

Previously, you could only use Instagram on your smartphone. Now Instagram has expanded the mobile version of the website with an upload function, so that you basically no longer need the app. And the nice thing is: with a little trick you can also visit the mobile website on your PC.

Instagram on PC

The trick is all in a Chrome extension. In the Chrome browser, go to the User-Agent Switcher for Chrome extension page and download the extension. When the extension is installed, you will see a globe icon in the top right corner of your Chrome screen.

Go to, log in and then click on the globe icon. Click for example Chrome on Android Mobile at. What happens now is that Chrome reloads the website, but in doing so acts as if you were viewing the website on an Android smartphone - thus requiring the mobile browser. You will then see a bar appear at the bottom. Click on the camera icon to upload a photo.

User-Agent Switcher for Chrome is also a handy add-on to reduce the amount of information your browser reveals. When you fetch a website, your browser reveals a lot of information about itself. With an add-on like the User-Agent Switcher you can increase your anonymity on the internet.


Note: adding filters is not possible via the mobile version, and therefore not via this trick on your PC. Cropping photos doesn't work either, but if you just want to add a simple photo and you don't have your phone to hand, this is an ideal solution.

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