In 3 steps: Contacts from iOS to Android

When you switch from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5, you don't have to worry about things like contacts, they are just synchronized. Of course, that works differently when you switch from an iOS device to an Android device. Do you have to manually enter the contacts one by one as usual? Fortunately not, there are tricks for that.

01. Export Contacts

The first thing to do is to export the contacts from your iOS device. Fortunately, this can be done very easily, thanks to iCloud. Make sure your contacts are synced with iCloud and sign in (on your PC) at (with your Apple ID, of course).

Then click Contacts and press Ctrl+A to select all contacts. Once selected, click the gear in the bottom left and then Export vCard. You then export an address file containing all contacts from iCloud. Save the .vcf file somewhere.

You can easily export your contacts from iCloud.

02. Import into Gmail

Then it is important to import those contacts into Gmail. If you don't have a Gmail account, it seems a bit cumbersome to create one especially for this reason, but since you'll be working with Android, you'll need a Google account anyway.

In Gmail, click at the top left gmail (under the logo) and on Contacts in the menu that expands. Then click on More / Import. You can now browse to the .vcf file and click Import. The contacts you exported from iCloud are now all loaded into your Gmail address book.

Then click More / Double find and merge entries to avoid having the same person in your address book four times. This is handy, because by merging contact details you get a very complete picture.

Import those contacts into Gmail and remove any duplication.

03. Import into Android

We already mentioned that Android works with a Google account, and it makes sense that we have imported the contacts into Gmail, after all that account can communicate with your Android device without any problems. If all goes well you have in the tab Accounts in Institutions Already linked a Google account on your Android device (logically the same Google account into which you just imported contacts. If that is not the case, you can log in to your account in that tab to link this.

What to do next Nothing! Android automatically syncs your contacts and all contacts that were previously on your iPhone are now on your Android device.

Link your account to Android, and voila, there are your contacts.

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