This is how you create and share a joint Spotify playlist

As a Spotify user, you have probably already built up a nice collection of playlists. However, it is also possible to make these together with others. We explain how to create a joint Spotify playlist.

By jointly creating a playlist in Spotify, anyone who wants to can add something to the playlist. You might be all about the repertoire of all kinds of RnB singers, while your cousin or your best friend knows all about the boy bands of the 90s. Now someone can of course pass on via WhatsApp or e-mail which songs should not be missing from the playlist, but it is even more convenient if that person puts it in Spotify himself.

Handy for weddings

This can also be useful for weddings, for example. You can see exactly who adds which number, so that, for example, with a restriction of one number per person, you can ask the enthusiast who has added three numbers to really stick to his or her favorite. For example, a joint playlist is still very personal, because you know who has added what.

It's a good idea, that's for sure, but how do you make something like that? In fact, it is almost no different than you are used to creating personal playlists. That's very easy:

  • Open Spotify
  • Go below to Library
  • Tap on Create playlist
  • Name your playlist
  • Add some songs yourself via Add songs
  • Go to the three dots at the top right
  • Tap on make it together
  • You will now see a notification that your playlist has been marked as collaborative

You have now created a joint playlist. However, no one knows that this playlist exists yet. It now depends on how you want to approach it. In general, if you want to create the ultimate playlist for this genre of violin music together with all connoisseurs of electric violin music, then you should make your playlist public. That means anyone can find your playlist and anyone can add anything.

Wrong, thanks

If someone accidentally adds all kinds of wrong music, you have to remove it from your playlist yourself. Still, it can be cool, if you want to make a playlist specifically for people who have the same problem and want to share music about it. You can make a list public just like making it Joint by going to the three dots in the top right and then choosing Disclose.

You can also choose Make Public if it is a general playlist, but then you have to make sure that your playlist has an original name that the people who have to contribute to it can easily find themselves in Spotify. It is more convenient to share your playlist directly. This can be done in many ways: via WhatsApp, email, Twitter, Instagram Stories, Facebook and even SMS. However, the most convenient way for a party is to simply get the link. That option is also there. Sharing a playlist is again done in the same menu as making a playlist together and making it public. In the playlist you go to the three dots at the top right, tap on it and you get the option Share.

Then you will see the above media, plus that option Copy link. This will give you the direct link to the playlist on your clipboard. This is useful, for example, to add to the invitation, or - if it is a bit more last-minute - to add in a WhatsApp message or e-mail where you can add a text yourself. Others say "This really is a playlist for you" pretty standard and it probably won't be clear to your guests without explanation that their contribution is expected. Moreover, you can immediately indicate that your playlist could really use some more Madonna.

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