Whatsapp and text via your laptop

If you're one of those people who texts back and forth throughout the day, looking at your phone can quickly become quite tedious. Especially if you're already behind your PC. We are happy to help you with different ways to WhatsApp and text via your laptop or PC.

WhatsApp on your laptop

Let's start with the most obvious choice: WhatsApp is one of the most used apps to communicate with each other. The handy thing is that you can download WhatsApp as software on your laptop or open it via your browser on your laptop. In your browser, go to web.whatsapp.com. You will now see a QR code. You scan this by opening WhatsApp on your smartphone and pressing the three dots in the list with all your conversations in the top right corner. Choose the option 'WhatsApp Web'. You log in on a new device by pressing the plus sign in the top right. Now scan the QR code on your laptop by pointing your phone's camera at your laptop screen and you will be logged in automatically.

The same principle applies to downloading the software. You can also log in here by scanning the QR code. You can download WhatsApp for both your PC and your Mac.

iMessage on Mac

Apple uses iMessage on iPhones. This SMS program ensures that your messages are encrypted for a third party. To be able to use this program on both your phone and laptop, you must be logged in to your Apple ID with your laptop and iPhone. Then open the settings on your phone and set the switch to green at iMessage. You should now get a notification on your Mac that a phone number has been added. When you then open the Message app on your Mac, the messages from your iMessage and Message app are synced.

To text contacts who don't have an iPhone, go back to your phone's settings and select under messages that you want to forward the received messages. Under this option, select your computer where you are signed in with your Apple ID. Now open the menu of the Message app on your laptop and choose the iMessage tab in preferences. Check the boxes to enable your Apple ID email address and mobile phone number.

iMessage on Windows

Unfortunately, there is no very simple way to use iMessage on your Windows computer. However, you can get around it if you have access to both a Mac and a Windows computer. Download Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop on both computers. Install and activate it. Then download Chrome Remote Host Installer. These programs give you access to another laptop via the internet. Use the code provided to connect the two computers. This way you can use iMessage on your Windows computer. This is, for example, a good option if you have a Mac at home but want to use iMessage on your (Windows) work computer.

Android apps with Web interface

For Android, there are several SMS apps available that can be synchronized with a web interface. For example, there is the messaging app from Google. Download this app on your phone and set under 'settings' that you want to use this texting app as a fixed messaging app. Then open messages.android.com in your browser.

Again, you need to scan a QR code. To do this, open the app on your phone and select 'messages for the web' at the top right of the three dots. Your laptop and your phone will now remain in contact with each other. So if you receive a text message from now on, it will appear on both your phone and your laptop. You can also enable notifications in your browser to receive a notification when you receive a new text message.

There are, of course, multiple apps that operate on the same system. So just choose an app from the Playstore that you find most comfortable.

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