How to: Recover Deleted Android Files

With a device that runs Android, such as your smartphone or your tablet, you can do an infinite number of things. From gaming to scheduling work appointments, sending emails to recording reminders. When a device plays such a big role in our lives, and stores so much information for us, it is of course important that we protect these files properly. Unfortunately, it can sometimes happen that your phone breaks or that you accidentally delete a file. This is how you need to recover deleted Android files.

Check your cloud server

If you use a cloud service, it is possible that your deleted file can still be found there. In many cases, these services automatically update all files. If you have set that you want to back up your files manually, this might be the right time to change the settings to 'automatic'. This ensures that you do not lose valuable information or photos. A tip for uploading photos to the cloud: select one folder on your phone that you want these photos to be uploaded. Place all photos that you are happy with in this folder so that no unnecessary whatsapp photos are uploaded to your cloud service.

Use an app

You can also use an app to get your deleted files back. For deleted photos, you can use the Diskdigger app. This app lets you perform a basic scan for any deleted photos. The scan explores your memory and looks for residual files from deleted photos. Now you can search for the photo files you want to recover. You can choose to recover your photos in three ways: upload to the cloud, save to your device, or upload it to an FTP server.

But you can also use the app to clean your device. The scan shows how much data is still left on your phone. So if you come across files that you really don't need anymore, you can easily delete them from Diskdigger.

From your computer

You can also search for deleted files on your Android device from your computer. Especially if you are really looking for a specific file and therefore not a photo, this is more convenient and clearer. To do this, download a recovery program such as EaseUS Mobisaver. This program will scan your entire device for any deleted data. To do this, you must first connect your device to your computer. This can be done simply with a USB cable. Then start the program. This will automatically start scanning your device.

Depending on the storage capacity of your device, this process may take a while. However, when the scan is complete, you can search the list for the file you lost.

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