Tethering with your smartphone, how do you do that?

No internet on your smartphone, tablet or laptop while friends around you are happily texting and surfing? In such circumstances, sharing an internet connection via tethering offers a solution. We explain exactly what tethering is and how you work with it.

Thethering is a way to set up your smartphone's (or other device's) mobile internet connection as a modem, allowing other devices to go online over a Wi-Fi connection. So you share your internet connection, as it were. Very useful when your friends do have internet and you just need to send an email. But there are even more possibilities:

I - Do you have an internet outage at home? Then tethering from your smartphone can serve as an emergency solution.

II - You can also use tethering with a tablet. This means you don't have to take out a separate data plan for internet on your tablet. This in turn saves costs.

III - Tethering makes it easier to surf on your laptop on the go. Again, by using tethering you do not need an extra data subscription.

Step 1: Turn on tethering

Turn on tethering on iPhone

Enable tethering by going to network in your general settings. Choose Personal Hotspot:

Here you get the choice Personal Hotspot turn on:

You can change your Wi-Fi access by tapping this. Users of your tethered connection need this code to access your shared Wi-Fi network.

Turn on tethering on Android

On your Android device, go to Institutions >wireless >Networking. Here you can choose the option Tethering and mobile hotspot. Depending on your Android phone, these names may differ slightly.

Then choose: Portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings and enter a name (ssid) and a password for your shared connection here. This is a security so keep it in mind. It is recommended to choose WPA2 security.

Finally, check if your device is visible to its environment:

Step 2: Connect

I - Access the . via your smartphone, tablet or computer internet preference menu.

II - Search for all Wi-Fi points in the area and select the smartphone where you just turned on tethering. For an iPhone, this is the name of the iPhone. With an Android smartphone you can enter the name (ssid) yourself.

III - When connecting, enter the password you set in step 1.

Tip: Keep a close eye on the size of your data bundle, because tethering also costs you MBs. There are various means to conveniently keep an eye on your data bundle. We have listed them for you: View them here!

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