This is how you check text for plagiarism

We all sometimes copy a piece of text from one or another website. But that is of course not always possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of plagiarism checkers online that show whether a certain text already exists.

Checking whether a text is plagiarism is often applied to texts that you receive from someone else, after all, you want to know whether he / she has not taken a piece of text from some website. However, plagiarism does not necessarily mean that you have stolen something. In 2015, so much is written that it actually happens that two people accidentally write almost exactly the same thing. That is why it is useful to check the texts you produce online for duplicates, so that you do not accidentally commit plagiarism. Of course you can use the same method for texts that you receive.


Checking for duplicate content is very important. Not because you have to fear a fine from the site with almost identical content, but mainly because Google is not very forgiving in this area. When you have a site with content that already (partly) exists, you will be rated lower by Google, and you will therefore be less easy to find. So a small check is the least you can do.

The Plagiarism Checker

There are many sites that allow you to check for plagiarism. We think The Plagiarism Checker is a great site. It doesn't matter if the site is in English, the tool just scans other websites on the web, so it doesn't matter what language you enter, it only searches for duplicates.

When you go to the site, you will see an input field with five tabs. You can ignore those tabs, it only concerns the first tab. Paste the text you want to check here, with a maximum of 1500 words. Once you've done this, click Check for Plagiarism at the bottom (after typing the spam code), and the tool goes to work. Green results are unique, red results already exist on the internet. Clicking on a result will take you directly to that search result in Google.

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