Manage and organize windows in Windows 10

Windows 10 has several tricks to organize and manage windows on the screen. The aim is to keep things organized, especially if several windows are open at the same time.

If you open several windows at the same time, this can sometimes lead to a somewhat cluttered whole. No need, because with various tricks you prevent chaos. For example, suppose you have opened a browser window and a Word window and you want to put them side by side in a practical way. In that case you can opt for a kind of split-screen mode. First, drag (for example) the Word window (via the title bar) all the way to the center of the left edge of your screen. Or better: slide it a little over that edge. You can also press the keyboard shortcut Windows cursor left (or right) with the window to be divided activated. The moment you see about less than half of the window, release the mouse button and the window will fill exactly half of your screen (viewed horizontally). Do the same with the opened browser window, but now on the right edge (or again via the keyboard shortcut). Strangely enough, somewhere in one of the many Windows upgrades, the ability to vertical dividing windows unfortunately lost. What is possible is to display even more windows in this way. You do this by dragging them to one of the four corners of your screen instead of halfway around the edge. This allows you to 'tile' your screen up to four equally sized windows. You can also combine a larger window with two smaller ones by using corners and one of the edges.


Do you want to quickly bring out a copy of the windows thus arranged and close the rest? Then click on the title bar of the desired window and make a 'shaking' movement with your mouse. In other words: briefly move quickly to the left and right back and forth. You will now see all windows minimize to the taskbar except the shuffled window.

To change gear

Another practical feature is the ability to quickly switch between open windows. To do this, press the Alt-Tab hotkey. You will now see a thumbnail view of all your running programs. Click on the instance you want to bring to the front and you're done. This trick is especially useful with many programs running at the same time. This way you will quickly find what you are looking for. Although, for example, with various open Explorer windows, it is still a bit of a gamble thanks to the small view.

Turn of

Do you actually find it especially annoying that windows sometimes suddenly split up unintentionally when dragging just a little too far to a corner or edge? Then this function can be turned off. To do this, click on the Start menu Institutions and in the open app on System. Then click on the left side Multitasking and put the switch under Automatically arrange windows by dragging them to the corners or edges of the screen from. This solves the 'problem' and you no longer suffer from self-dividing windows.

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