Get your deleted photos back with Recuva

It's a nightmare for almost everyone. You try to get photos from a memory card but the images are gone. You can also lose a lot of files quickly due to human error. What now? Time for Recuva! With that tool you may be able to recover your deleted photos.

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Step 1: Recuva

If you have lost photos, it is important to keep a cool head. Chances are you can get the images back with Recuva. There is one important rule of the game here: don't use the memory card again until you get back what you lost. Download and install the free version of Recuva. The paid Pro version has more options, but usually the free version offers enough tools to get your files back. Recuva can handle all types of media: memory card, hard disk and USB sticks.

Step 2: What are you looking for?

As soon as you start Recuva, the program will show a wizard. If the wizard is not in Dutch, click on Cancel. Change the language via Options / General / Language / Dutch (Dutch). Close Recuva and restart the program.

Go through the wizard by answering simple questions. Choose what type of file you lost, for example Pictures. Indicate where the images (should) be. You will find well-known locations in the list, such as On my media card, In my documents or In the trashcan. With the option A specific location you can indicate yourself where Recuva should search, for example on your D drive.

Step 3: Comprehensive scan

You also get the option Enable Advanced Scanning. Leave this option disabled for a while. Try to get your files back with a quick check first. Didn't find what you were looking for in the end? Restart Recuva and run the extended scan option. You can select and save the found files. It is important that you choose a different medium. Are you searching a memory card? Never save the recovered files on the memory card itself, but on your C drive, for example. Did you lose files on your computer? Then save the recovered files on a USB stick or external drive.

Advanced users can skip the wizard with the button Cancel or Cancel. In the basic screen of Recuva you will see to the left of the button scan a drop-down menu. Click on this and select the media on which you want to search for missing files.

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