This is how you reset the Google Home, Nest Mini and Nest Hub

If you have a Google Home, Nest Mini or Nest Hub at home and you want to get rid of it, it is a good idea to reset the speaker or smart display. You then bring it back to factory settings. This is handy, so that no one else can steal your data unsolicited. With smart devices in general it's good to erase all your digital traces, so that also applies to smart speakers and screens. You have to perform different actions per product and we will go through these with you below.

We'll start with the Google Home and then move on to the Google Nest Mini and then the Google Nest Hub. So if you have one of these products, you know where to look.

Google Home speaker

The Google Home speaker has been for sale in the Netherlands for a few years now. There is a good chance that people with an interest in smarthomes or voice assistants bought this speaker at the time, making it just as likely that you have had one for years now. If you want to exchange the speaker for another or just get rid of it, you only have to perform one action. On the back you will find a microphone button. When you hold it down for fifteen seconds, the Google Assistant will indicate that the operation was successful at some point.

Google Nest Mini (and Google Home Mini)

Despite the fact that both products are basically the same, you have to reset them to factory settings in other ways. The Google Nest Mini (identified by the hole on the bottom for hanging) requires you to turn off the microphone first. That button is on the side. Then you have to press your hand on the top for fifteen seconds. Not too hard, of course. The Google Home Mini has its own reset button on the bottom. You also hold this down for fifteen seconds. If everything went well, you will automatically hear a confirmation from the Google Assistant.

Google Nest Hub

On the right back of the Google Nest Hub, the smart display of the search engine giant, are two volume buttons. You are supposed to press both at the same time and hold for ten seconds. If you do this correctly, you will automatically receive a message with the message that you are going back to the factory settings. Now all you have to do is confirm your action.

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