Get started with SpotWeb on your NAS in 17 steps

Spotnet is a program to find movies, series and music in newsgroups. Unfortunately, you have to install Spotnet on a PC. Not so handy if your media collection is on a NAS. Thanks to SpotWeb it is possible to run Spotnet on your NAS.

1 Why SpotWeb?

SpotWeb is actually the NAS version of Spotnet. Spotnet is super handy, but it is cumbersome to download on your PC and then save the movies on your NAS. With SpotWeb you install Spotnet on the web server of your NAS, so that you can search and download media files with any device. SpotWeb is available for different NAS, although the installation works in a different way for each brand. In this workshop, we'll explain how to get SpotWeb up and running on a Synology and QNAP NAS. Also read: Spotnet 2.0 - the best usenet download tool.

2 Supplies

Before you get started with SpotWeb, some preparation is required. In any case, you need a NAS with quite a bit of storage space to store media files. Also make sure you have access to the newsgroups. You can arrange this by taking out a (prepaid) subscription with a Usenet provider, such as Eweka, NewsXS or Giganews. This is already possible for a few euros per month, after which you can download unlimited films, series and music in excellent quality. You need the login details of the Usenet provider to use SpotWeb.

3 Synology NAS

Before installing SpotWeb on your Synology NAS, make the necessary preparations. Since you are installing the program on a web server, you must first activate it on your NAS. Log in to this network device by opening DiskStation Manager (DSM) in the browser. Go to Control Panel / Update and Restore and install the latest version of DSM if necessary. You click on Applications then on Web services, after which you put a check in front of Enable Web Station. Choose To apply and click on the top PHP Settings. Through Select PHP extension check the option mssql at. Confirm with OK / Apply.

4 MariaDB

SpotWeb stores all spots of films, series and music in a database. For that reason, you need a database application that can handle the MySQL protocol, namely MariaDB. Synology has developed a user-friendly method to add apps from the so-called Package Center. Click on that and navigate to Utilities. click on MariaDB and then to install to add this application to your Synology NAS. It is not necessary to set a password for the database.

5 Add Package Source

MariaDB is an application that Synology offers as standard. However, it is also possible to install third-party applications. To do this, you add a so-called package source to DSM in which several applications are locked up. In this way you install SpotWeb in the next step. Open the Package Center and go to Settings / Package Sources. Through Add type your name Martijn de Vries and enter the address as location // in. Confirm twice with OK to finally add the repository. In the Package Center at the top, click Refresh to load the new applications.

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