How to type in your own handwriting

Windows and Microsoft Office come with dozens of fonts on board and you can also find thousands of extra fonts on the internet (such as But you will not find one font anywhere: the one with your own handwriting. So make it yourself! We explain how to type in your own handwriting.

Step 1: Download blank template

It all starts with a visit to (formerly It might be a good idea to check the section first Pricing to open. Here you can see that you can create a font completely free of charge, with the main limitation that it can contain 'only' 75 characters. If you can live with that, click great, Let's try Calligraphr and then Get started for free. Enter a valid email address and password (2x) and click Submit. A little later you will receive an email with a confirmation link to click on. Logged in to the site, click Startapp and then Create a template. Select the desired language from the left panel – English maybe – and press the button DownloadTemplate. Confirm with Download to get the corresponding PDF file.

Step 2: Upload completed template

Print the page(s) and fill in each letter and character with a not-too-fine black pen. Note the guidelines. When you're done with that, scan the pages or take a sharp photo with your smartphone. Make sure that the square icons on the four corners are also on your scan or photo.

Back to the website, where you are at the top My Fonts click and then UploadTemplate selects. Press on the button Choose File and refer to the scan or photo. Confirm with UploadTemplate. The result will appear shortly after. If necessary, you can delete a less successful character via the corresponding trash can. It is also possible to upload an extra template, which gives you the choice to overwrite existing characters or create variants for those characters. Confirm with Add characters to your font.

Step 3: Using Font

When you're done with everything, click at the top buildfont. Give your font a name and click build. You will see a preview where you can zoom in and out with a slider. Download your font by clicking on the ttf or otf file. Right-click the downloaded file in your Explorer and choose to install. Then start your word processor: you will now also find your own font under the chosen name in the font overview. Just type!

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