This is how you stream movies to your TV

Streaming services are not only available on your computer. You also have access to Netflix, Videoland (Unlimited) and Pathé Thuis via your television. You can read how that works in this article.

Tip 01: Connecting a computer

The advantage of streaming on your TV is that you can watch movies and series from the couch on a large screen. You can easily connect a computer or laptop to televisions without a network connection. The TV then serves as an extra screen for the computer. It is best to use an HDMI cable for this. The images from video services are then available in the best quality. In addition, it is often possible to transmit sound to the TV via HDMI. Alternatively, you can also connect to your CRT via a DVI cable. HD images are still possible here. Some televisions also accept connection via VGA, S-Video and composite. These cables pass through a lower resolution, so use HDMI or DVI if possible.

Tip 01 Modern televisions have an HDMI port to which you can connect a computer.

Tip 02: Change Resolution

Have you linked a television to your computer as an extra screen? If necessary, you can adjust the resolution. To do this, right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Screen resolution. Usually it pays to only display the screen of your television, because then you can choose an optimal resolution. The monitor of your computer or laptop then goes black for a while. Click behind Display on the small arrow and select the name of your television. Then click on the arrow next to Resolution. For example, if you have a Full HD TV connected, choose a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. Save the settings with To apply and Keep changes. Then open a streaming service and enjoy razor-sharp images!

Tip 02 It pays to transfer images from your PC to the television in high resolution.

Tip 03: Smart TV

Modern televisions often have a (wireless) network connection on board. When the device is connected to the Internet, you can usually access web services. These are so-called smart TVs. You can open the online environment via a separate button on the remote control. Depending on which brand you use, it is possible to add apps. These apps connect to the internet and in this way can, for example, play online videos. Netflix makes an app available for the vast majority of smart TVs. Find this app in the application library of your device and install the application if necessary.

After startup, enter your Netflix account email address and password. You use the remote control to scroll through the film on offer. The user environment probably looks familiar to you, because it looks largely the same as the PC version. Netflix has developed apps for smart TVs from LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony and Toshiba. Pathé Thuis is also available for various brands of smart TVs, namely Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony. Videoland currently only works on Samsung smart TVs, but support will be expanded later.

Tip 03 You can open the Smart Hub via a Samsung smart TV to stream movies from Netflix.

Tip 04: Other devices

Don't own a smart TV? Don't worry, because streaming services also allow you to watch movies on your television with other devices. Netflix, in particular, is available on a wide variety of other devices, such as game consoles, Blu-ray players, and home theater systems. Netflix actually works the same on every device. You install the desired app, after which you enter the username and password of your account. An overview of film images will then appear on your television from which you can choose. In addition to Netflix, Pathé Thuis is also available for various devices, such as various Blu-ray players and game consoles (Xbox and PlayStation 3). Support for Videoland is more limited, although there are several TV providers that offer this streaming service.

Tip 04 You have direct access to Netflix from the menu of the PlayStation 4.

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