Get rid of that ugly notch on smartphones

With the iPhone X, Apple released a smartphone for the first time with a screen that runs all the way around the device. The edges of the screen are minimal and only at the top of the device you will find an edge for the camera and speaker, among other things. Some swear by it, only that notch (also called Notch) is not to everyone's taste.

Apple wasn't the first manufacturer to come up with a notch. The Essential Phone, which appeared a few months before the iPhone X, already had a notch. Following Apple, many Android device manufacturers also opted for a notch at the top of their devices, also known as a "notch". Only Samsung didn't want to believe it so far, but this could change soon.

According to the rumors, Samsung's Galaxy S10+ will come with a separate notch next year that is not at the top of the device, but floats somewhere in the top right corner. We were previously shown a similar design with the Galaxy A8s, the so-called Infinity-O-Display.

Large smartphone manufacturers therefore embrace the 'notch', while not everyone is happy with it. Why can't a phone consist entirely of a screen, without the notch? Several smartphone manufacturers have now also asked themselves this question, including Samsung. The company is said to be looking at the possibilities of incorporating the phone's selfie camera under the glass of the screen. A notch is then no longer necessary.

Is the screen also good?

However, it may be a while before we see this technique on phones, as the images taken with a camera below the screen would often still be very blurry. There is speculation that such a technology may not be ready until 2020, which means that we will have to make do with the notch for now.

In the meantime, there will be other attempts to keep notches to a minimum. For example, the Nova 4 from Huawei is expected this month, which has a hole in the screen. The front camera is in that hole. But we still have to wait for a completely 'clean' screen.

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