How to set up a guest account on your PC

Do you ever let a friend or acquaintance sit behind your computer? Then you probably know the feeling: 'is that going well?' That person can then access your photos, e-mail and all your files. Read how you can easily solve this with a guest account.

Step 1: Can I have a moment?

As soon as you answer 'Yes' to the question 'Can I check my mail on your computer?' a problem may arise. Someone sits behind the PC or laptop and can 'accidentally' see which websites you visit, open e-mail messages and browse your photos. Also read: 3 essential tips for Windows 10.

With a little effort it is even possible to show all passwords. By the way, no technical knowledge is required by a malicious person if they use one of the many Nirsoft programs. All this is easily prevented by using a Windows guest account. This account is disabled by default, but easy to activate.

Step 2: Guest Account

In Windows 10, creating a guest account has been made unnecessarily complicated. After all, in Windows 8 it was a piece of cake. Click on the Start button and go to Settings > Accounts. Under the tab Family and other users do you find the option Add someone else to this PC. A new screen opens and Microsoft asks for your email address or phone number, but you don't need that. Click instead I do not have this person's login details. Click on the next screen Add user without a Microsoft account. Make up a name for your guest account, leave the password fields blank and press Next one. The guest account is now set up.

Windows 8 users activate the guest account via Charms Bar / Search / Guest Account. In Windows 7, go to Start / Control Panel / User Accounts & Parental Controls / User Accounts / Manage Another Account. An overview of all available accounts appears. Also in the list is Guest with the message below Guest account is disabled. click on Guest and choose Switch. Restart the computer.

The guest user appears on the login screen. Click on this account to log in as a guest. The guest user cannot install programs or change settings, but can browse the internet and that's usually what it's about. The guest will not be able to access your personal photos, music and documents. Take the test and try to open a folder of another user in the folder C:\Users via Windows Explorer.

Step 3: Windows Key+L

From now on you can safely let friends, family and acquaintances sit behind your computer. The option to log in as a guest is shown at every computer start. You can also switch to the guest account while using your computer. To do this, use the key combination Windows key+L. Click for Other user and open the guest account.

Prevent 'sniffers' in your personal affairs: activate the Windows guest account.

To prevent a guest user from logging in as another user, you can set a password for the other accounts. In Windows 8, this setting can be found via the search Login options. Windows 7 users go to Start / Control Panel / User Accounts and Parental Controls / User Accounts. Click here Set a password for your account.

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