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Signal is a messenger that encrypts all your communication by default. After the mobile version, a desktop version for PC and Mac is now also available. This allows you to send messages with ten fingers.



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  • Pros
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Stable
  • Change appearance
  • Negatives
  • Only new chats to sync
  • No group conversations to start
  • Only for Chrome
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The advantage of Signal is that the manufacturer Open Whisper Systems does not store chats and other data on its servers. Every chat is encrypted end-to-end by default. That means no one can intercept the messages. You can also create group conversations with Signal and you can even call contacts. You can log in to the app with your phone number. Moreover, this messenger also allows you to send messages from the PC or Mac via Signal Desktop. But it's not a pure desktop version: it's a Chrome extension that runs as a separate app on your PC or Mac after installation.


From the Chrome Web Store, install the Signal Private Messenger extension. Signal Desktop first only worked with Android, but since the end of last year you can also connect to an iPhone with Signal installed without any problems. Open the app on your smartphone and connect your PC by scanning a QR code. Then give your PC a name. This is useful if you want to connect multiple devices to the Signal app. You only have to do the pairing once. Messages you send via the desktop version will also appear immediately on your smartphone.


Chats sync will not start until you install the extension. Older chats are not synced to the desktop version. Unfortunately, it is not possible to start group conversations from the desktop version. This is only possible with the mobile version. It is nice that you can adjust the design of Signal Desktop. You have two choices: Android and iOS. Choose one of these themes so that the desktop version looks the same as your mobile version.


Signal Desktop is a good step towards a desktop version for Signal. The application is stable and the synchronization works smoothly. It is a pity that only new conversations are synchronized and that you cannot create group conversations from the Chrome extension.

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