A new wallpaper every day in Windows 10

As soon as you start up your computer, you need to log in to Windows. Windows 10 shows a beautiful new photo every day in this lock screen. In this article you can read how you get a new background every day: set it once and you don't have to worry about it anymore!

Step 1: Theme Settings

Everything that has to do with desktop backgrounds can be found in the settings of Windows 10. Open the settings via Windows key + I and look at Personal settings. Bee Background you can set the background of your desktop, for example a fixed photo or changing slideshow. Advanced settings of the Windows 10 appearance can be changed via Themes. Here you determine the colors of windows, sounds and backgrounds. Everything you see before signing in to Windows can be found at Lock screen.

Step 2: Dynamic Theme

To also show the photo of the login screen on your desktop, you need Dynamic Theme. Download and install this Windows 10 app from Store. Store can be found in the start menu or on your taskbar. Dynamic Theme overrides the adjustments you make in the previous tip. Open the Dynamic Theme app from your start menu. If you have more than one computer with Windows 10 (or a Windows Phone), it is useful to have your settings synchronized. This way you automatically have the same login screen and desktop background on all your devices. To do this, activate the option Synchronization at both Background if Lock screen.

Step 3: Bing or Spotlight

The alternating photo you see when you turn on your computer can come from two sources on the Internet: Bing or Windows Spotlight. We are going to make sure that the image ends up on our desktop as well. First you have to choose which source appeals to you the most. You can of course always change this. View the current image via Daily Bing Image and Windows Spotlight image. Click now Lock screen and choose at Background in front of Bing (if you want to set this source). With the Update button you download the most recent image. Now click on Wallpaper for your desktop background settings. Also here click on Background and choose Bing as source. View your desktop (Windows key+D) and see that your desktop background has changed to the current Bing image. Lock your computer (Windows key + L) and look at your login screen: both are identical.

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