Edit photos with Windows 10 Photos app

Windows 10 includes a photo editor called Photos. Since the last fall update of Windows 10, the component can also create slideshows.

For precise and more advanced photo editing, a specialized program is and remains necessary. But for the quick work, the default Photos app in Windows 10 is sufficient for many. You can find it in the Start menu. If you are using it for the first time, a window will appear in which it appears as if you have signed up with a Microsoft account must Sign Up. Is not necessary, just click on the closing cross of this window. Then it is important to add one or more folders containing your photos. By default, the user folder with photos is already added, so if you normally save your photos there, you don't have to do anything else. In case there are no thumbnails of photos to be seen, another photo folder must be added. To do this, click on the button with the three dots at the top right of the app window, followed by a click on Institutions. click on Add a folder and browse to your photo folder. click on Add this folder to images and finished. You can delete folders that have been added and that are no longer used by clicking on the 'x' behind such a folder in the Settings window. Click on the arrow pointing to the right at the top left to return to the photo overview.

To process

Click on a photo to open it. Above the photo you see a button bar with various options. To get started, click To process. In the newly opened panel you will find under the heading To adjust various practical tools. With the option Crop and rotate Can you straighten a crooked photo? Or you make a crop out of the image. Adjusting the exposure is also possible with the appropriate sliders. Just like vignetting, a phenomenon whereby - often when zoomed in - slightly less strongly exposed corners of a photo arise. You can correct that with the slider under this option. The button spot fix is nice too. With this you remove spots on, for example, an old scanned photo. It's a matter of clicking on the stain or damage and - with a bit of luck - you won't see it anymore. The button Red eyes works the same way, but in front of your eyes. Once you've changed everything, it's best to click the button Save a copy. This does not overwrite the original photo so that you can always fall back on it.


As a matter of course, the almost 'inevitable' filters are not missing in the Photos app either. Click below To process on Improve. First you will find the option there Improve your photo. A click on it provides - possibly - without further thinking for a better-looking picture. Something for the lazy fellow. Below that you will find a series of filters; click on it to get a good look at the effect. If you are satisfied, now especially on the button Save a copy clicking and not on Save. If you overwrite the original with a filtered photo, you can't go back to the original photo!

Make video

Click all the way at the top left of the Photos window until you're back in the main panel of the app - with the thumbnails in a row. Click on it in the top left Projects and then Make a video. Select the photos you want to use in the video clip to be made, or click on the link Select all (x). Click on the top right Add. You will now see a video editor appear. Photos and video fragments can be dragged into the desired order via the bar at the bottom. click on Themes at the very top to choose one of the (unfortunately very few) themes. below Sound you will find a series of tracks 'below' the clip. Or choose your own music file. To export the movie, click at the top right on Export or share. For the best quality and highest resolution, choose the option l. Wait for the final slideshow to render. Then you copy the resulting video file to, for example, a USB stick, after which it can be played on any self-respecting smart TV.

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