Change your computer name in Windows 10

When you buy a computer with Windows installed, the computer is automatically assigned a name. But that name is often quite complicated. How do you change that in Windows 10?

In Windows XP, you simply change the name of your computer by right-clicking on This computer and choose Characteristics. In theory, this is still possible, were it not for the fact that the My Computer icon in Windows 10 is no longer on your desktop by default. Fortunately, you can still get there via a detour. Also read: How to customize the Windows 10 start menu.

click on Start and type there Control Panel. Click on the found result to open Control Panel and then navigate to System and Security / System. Then, in the left pane, click the option Advanced System Settings and on the tab Computer in the window that appears. There you will see the name of your computer appear.

Change the computer name

You would expect that there would be a button next to your computer's name that would allow you to edit that name. Remarkably, Microsoft has chosen to place that button at the very bottom of the window. click on Modify, after which a small window will appear where you can change the computer name. Note: you can hardly use punctuation and spaces are not allowed. When you've changed your computer's name, click OK. You will need to restart your PC for the change to be visible.

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