Set up the favorites bar in Edge in Windows 10

By default, the favorites bar is not displayed in the Edge browser of Windows 10. But this bar is very useful to quickly get to the websites you visit regularly. Here we'll show you how to display the favorites bar in Edge, and how you can customize it to your liking.

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For many people, the favorites bar was a convenient way to quickly navigate to favorite websites without having to open a menu. Unfortunately, this favorites bar is not seen by default in Windows 10's Edge browser, nor is it immediately obvious how to enable it. This function is a bit hidden in the settings.

Enable the favorites bar

The favorites bar is very easy to enable once you know where to find this option.

Open Edge and click the menu with the three dots at the top right. click on Institutions and look for the header Favorites. Press the button View Favorites Settings and turn on the switch Show Favorites Toolbar at.

Below this setting is also the option to only show icons in the favorites bar. This is useful if you don't need the text, because that way you have more space for your favorites.

Add websites to the favorites bar

If you just enabled the favorites bar it will probably be empty, unless there are already favorites imported from another browser that are in the folder Favorites toolbar have arrived.

To add a website to the favorites bar, all you need to do is click on the star icon to the right of the address bar.

Choose a suitable name for the website, preferably just the name of the website. Some websites create a very long name and description by default. You can simply replace this with a name that suits you better.

In the field below the name you must specify where you want to save the website as a favorite. Choose here Favorites Toolbar. All websites that are saved in this folder are shown on the favorites bar.

Show icons only

As we mentioned earlier, in the settings of Edge you can choose to only show icons in the favorites bar. This way, there is more space, allowing more icons on the toolbar.

You can also choose to display text. The description that you see on the favorites bar next to the icon is the text you chose as the name when saving. That is why a short, clear name is extra useful.

Organize websites

You can organize the websites displayed on the favorites bar by dragging them.

You can also create a folder structure in the favorites bar, so that you can make a handy subdivision. Right click on the favorites bar and choose Create new folder. Choose a short, clear name.

You can now drag the icons that are already on your favorites bar into this folder, just like you would with files in the Explorer.

Favorites stored within a folder structure always have a description next to them, even if you have chosen to only display icons. So only favorite websites that are stored in the root of the favorites bar are only displayed as icons.

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