How to create a professional email signature

You will undoubtedly see them pass by: beautiful e-mail signatures under the mail from companies, with a nice clean font, the logo and even small icons from social media channels. You can also have such a beautiful signature generated yourself.

Choose site

When you search for 'email signature generator' in Google, you will find many sites that can help you with that. The problem is: they are not all good and many also charge an exorbitant amount. Now it is no shame that a company asks money for a service, but secretly we prefer free and good. That's why we chose This site costs nothing and gives you all the options you need.

Fill in data

To create your email signature, you will need to fill in the required information. Just because there are many options, doesn't mean you should use them all. If you leave fields blank, they will not be used. Choose the platform on which you want to use the signature. This is necessary, because Gmail (which we take as an example in this article) handles the pasting of HTML code very differently (because that is what it is) than Outlook, for example. Enter the information you want to fill in, such as your name, address, and so on. If you also want to add a logo, you need the link to this logo (in the correct format). You cannot upload this through this site, because then the site would have to keep the logos of all its users, which is impossible. At the cup Style select a font and the desired colors. With the cup Social Media Links link to your social media channels. At the top right you can then choose from templates, to also give your signature a certain style.

Apply signature

When you have decorated the signature completely to your liking, click on Apply your signature. With the button Copy signature to the clipboard send the signature to your clipboard. Now in Gmail, click the gear icon and then Institutions. In the tab General scroll to the signature section and paste the code from your clipboard. click on Saving Changes at the bottom, and from now on you'll use your beautiful new signature.

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