Print wirelessly from your iPad

Printing from your computer is easy, just connect a USB cable or select the network printer that is connected to your WiFi network. Printing with your iPad can also be very simple, but you have to keep a few things in mind.

Your iPad can easily print photos and documents using Apple's proprietary AirPrint protocol. However, you do need a printer that supports this technology. You can of course purchase a new printer, but luckily there are also options to let your older printer work with your iPad. In this course you will learn how to send print jobs to a non-wireless printer through a computer and which apps are useful for your iPad. Of course you can also read everything about AirPrint. Also read: 10 iPad features you didn't know about.


Most printers, especially if they are a few years old, are connected to your PC or Mac via a USB cable. Depending on your operating system, you will then need to install drivers so that your computer can communicate with the printer. Once the cable connection works, you can send print jobs from your computer to your printer. Your iPad does not have a USB connection, so simply printing via a cable is not included. The Camera Connection Kit allows you to turn your Lightning or 30-pin connection into a USB port, but although it is a standard USB connection, a printer will not work on this connection. The only way to print with your iPad is by air. So you will have to look for a wireless solution.


The easiest way is of course to purchase a new printer with AirPrint functionality. Many new printers are equipped with a WiFi receiver and also support the Apple protocol. If you buy a printer from one of the major brands, such as HP, Brother, Epson or Canon, the chance is even greater. A (long) list of supported printers can be found here. This list is constantly updated. Look for the AirPrint logo on the box of your new printer to make sure you can print directly from your iPad. You don't need to install anything to use AirPrint. The feature is standard in iOS. From any default app in iOS, you can use the share button print something. as soon as you click Print tap opens a separate page where you indicate which printer you want to use and how many prints you need. Tap on Choose printer to select your printer and use the plus or minus sign for the number of prints.

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