This is how you turn on roaming on your smartphone

Are you going on holiday soon? For several years now you no longer have to pay extra for roaming when you are within the EU. Ideal, because all your internet usage will then fall within your own bundle in the Netherlands. However, you still have to turn on the option for roaming on your smartphone. In this article we explain how to do that.

From June 2017 you will no longer pay separately for calls and internet within the EU. Of course you have to make sure that you don't go through your data bundle (that goes a bit faster if you don't use WiFi), but at least you don't have to worry about running out of internet in Belgium.

Turn on roaming on Android

You can turn on roaming on your Android smartphone via the settings. Exactly how that works is different for every Android device and every Android version, but you can find the option via Settings > Networks > Mobile data > Data roaming - or something similar. Maybe the slider is off with you, but to be able to use the internet abroad you have to turn it on.

Turn on roaming on your iPhone

Switching on is also very easy on your iPhone. go through Institutions nasty Mobile network. In this menu you can enable or disable your mobile data and personal hotspot. Under the heading Mobile data do you think Mobile data options, there you can Enable data roaming. You can also determine whether you only want to use roaming for data, or for calls and data.

Unlimited internet?

If you have a subscription with unlimited internet, that does not necessarily mean that you can go completely crazy abroad. Many providers still have a certain maximum number of GBs that you can use abroad per month. This is often about 10 GB. With this the provider wants to prevent abuse.

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