12 tips to share videos with your friends

After a holiday or a pleasant evening, you may want to share your self-made recordings online with acquaintances. Easier said than done as video files are usually large in size. Don't email a video of a few GBs. Fortunately, there are many other options.

Tip 01: YouTube

If you want to share a nice video with a large group of people quickly and easily, you publish the video on YouTube. Surf to www.youtube.com and click on the top right login. Sign in with your Google account email address and password. If you don't have an account yet, click on Create an account. Through upload a window will appear that allows you to create your own YouTube channel. Enter your gender and date of birth.

Then tick the checkbox and click Get on. You are now in the upload window. Drag one or more videos from Windows Explorer to the upload window. Alternatively, you can also select the desired video in a folder structure. To do this, click on the arrow and select the file. Then click To open to start the upload process.

Tip 01 Specify which video you want to upload to YouTube.

Tip 02: Privacy Settings

During the upload process, a window will appear in which you specify various characteristics of the video. By default, videos on YouTube are public. Would you rather not everyone can see the images? Click behind Public on the arrow and choose Privately. Then enter all the email addresses of the people you want to share the video with. You can also change the title if necessary and type a matching description. click on To share to finally publish the video on YouTube. A hyperlink will appear allowing invitees to open the video.

Tip 02 Provided you use the right settings, YouTube is an excellent platform for sharing private videos.

Increase upload limit

Videos on YouTube can be up to 15 minutes in length. You can lift this limit by providing your phone number to the video service. If you don't mind this, click at the bottom of the upload window Increase your limit. Decide whether you want to receive the verification code by phone or text message. Then enter your phone number and click Send. Type the verification code in the empty field and choose again Submit / Continue. Through upload return to the upload window. You no longer suffer from restrictions.

Tip 03: Facebook

Many of your friends and relatives are probably on Facebook. This social network is therefore perfectly suited to publish your videos. Go to www.facebook.nl and log in with your login details. At the top of the home page, choose Add Photos/Video / Upload Photos/Videos. Select the correct file on your computer and click To open. Optionally, type a comment about the video. You may not like that all Facebook members can see the post. In that case click behind Everybody on the arrow. You select the option friends when only the people with whom you are friends on Facebook (for example family and other acquaintances) are allowed to see the images.

Do you still think this group is too big? click on More options to select other groups, for example family, colleagues or villagers. Through Amended you manually indicate with which people you want to share the video. click on Saving Changes. Confirm with Places to publish the post with the video on Facebook. You follow the upload process via the progress bar. You will receive a notification once the upload process is complete. Keep in mind that Facebook compresses the videos, which may degrade the image quality.

Tip 03 Add videos to status updates.

Tip 04: Microsoft OneDrive

A cloud service is ideal for sharing videos. As soon as you put the videos on an online server, you determine which people have permission to download the files. Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) is a cloud service that makes this easy. Surf to www.onedrive.live.com and click the button To register. If you already have a Microsoft account, enter the correct email address and password.

Through Register now create a new account for free if necessary. In the Microsoft OneDrive user environment, choose at the top for upload. Select one or more videos you want to share and click To open. Wait for the selected files to be uploaded. Keep in mind that you can store 7 GB of free data with Microsoft's cloud service. In addition, there is a file limit of 2 GB.

Tip 04 Before you can share a video, first upload the file to Microsoft OneDrive.

Tip 05: Choose sharing method

In Microsoft OneDrive, select a video by checking the checkbox in the thumbnail. Then choose at the top To share. You can choose from three sharing methods. If you want to give a select group access to the video, fill in the field below On the desired contacts. You can easily select email addresses from the address book of your Microsoft account. If this address book is still empty, you can enter the e-mail addresses manually. Optionally add a note and confirm with To share. Microsoft OneDrive is also suitable for distributing your own recordings among a large group. In that case, choose . as the sharing method Create link.

Select the option View only and click Create link. A web address where the video is available will appear. For example, you can copy this url to an e-mail program or social network to share the video. As a third sharing method, it is also possible to publish directly to Facebook. Choose Connect Facebook to your OneDrive / Create Link. Enter your account information for this social network and click To register. Through OK / Done complete the link. Enter a description if desired and finally click To publish. Just wait and the video will be on Facebook.

Tip 05 You can share the video with specific people via Microsoft OneDrive.

Tip 06: MEGA

Sharing via Microsoft OneDrive works perfectly, but the maximum storage capacity of 7 GB for free accounts remains a disadvantage. The New Zealand cloud service MEGA is an excellent alternative. With a free account you can store up to 50 GB of data! Furthermore, this provider does not apply a file limit. Useful when you want to share large videos over the Internet, such as Blu-ray files. Surf to www.mega.co.nz and click on the top right Menu / Language. Select Dutch and confirm with OK / Save.

For security reasons, MEGA has a rather extensive registration procedure. Select at the top right for create an account. After you have entered all the requested information, you accept the terms of use. Then click Create account. MEGA will send you an email for verification. Click on the confirmation link to activate the account. You enter your password again, after which you choose Confirm your account. Through Start Game stores MEGA mouse movements with which the cloud service generates a security key. After the game is over, click Continue. Select the free plan with 50 GB storage capacity. As soon as you confirm with Complete, you will enter the MEGA user interface.

Tip 06 MEGA generates a security key through a game.

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