How to log out of Gmail remotely

If you use Gmail on multiple computers or mobile devices, it's a good idea to log out each time. Especially if you are not logged in to your own PC. However, it will occasionally happen that you forget to log out. That's no problem: in this article we explain how to log out of Gmail remotely.


As you read the above, you might think: well, I have nothing to hide. Even if so, staying logged in elsewhere can be disastrous. Accounts are often linked to each other, and you can request it via your Gmail, your iTunes password, and so on. Incidentally, it does not have to be just carelessness, it can of course also be very well that someone else has gained access to your account. That too is very easy to check using this method.

Check and log out

It sounds a bit illogical, but to log out of Gmail, you'll need to log in first. Once you are logged in, scroll all the way down until you see the option Last account activity see, with below the option Details. Click on it to open a pop-up with an overview of all sessions that have started recently.

In that overview you not only see the time and location from which you have logged in, but also the IP address, so that you can possibly find out who is logged in to your account, if you are not yourself. You can also see which apps have access to your account (for example, if you use apps to keep your inbox clean). Click now Log out all other sessions. You will then be automatically logged out of all sessions, except for the session you are currently in. Was your account opened by someone who did not have permission to do so? Then change your password immediately.

Other Google services

However, many people have long since stopped using Google just for emailing. Google Maps, Music, Drive and Android smartphones or tablets, Google is everywhere. Handy, but also dangerous if you're not paying attention. Although you really need your password if you want to change important things, malicious parties can do a lot of damage if you forget to log out of a public PC, for example.

Is there a smartphone that you don't know? Then delete!

Fortunately, you can manage all your Google services in one handy overview. Log in to Google, click on your profile picture at the top right and go to My account. Click under the heading Login and security on Device activity and notifications. If you click on the right now Checking devices click, you will see an overview of all devices that are currently using your Google account. Don't recognize one of the devices? Then press remove next Access to this account and you will be logged out automatically.

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