How to archive your email in Gmail and Outlook

Archiving your e-mail: things are slightly different with every e-mail service. Before you know it, you accidentally archived an email and now it's impossible to find it again. This is how you archive your email in Gmail and Outlook.


The button to archive a mail in Gmail is fairly easy to find. In your primary inbox you will find this button to the right of the email in question. The icon for this is a tray with an arrow pointing downwards.

If you click on the button, Gmail offers the possibility to undo the archiving. If you don't do this, your email will disappear. But the big question is: where to? These emails are hidden to prevent an overcrowded inbox, but they are very well hidden.

You can find these e-mails on your computer as well as on your telephone under 'all e-mail'. On your desktop you have to expand the dropdown menu for this. You do this by clicking the down arrow next to the word 'more' in the menu.

You will now see the word 'inbox' in front of some emails in 'all e-mail'. These are the unarchived emails. The emails you just archived don't have this label. This is the only way you can distinguish archived emails from regular emails that are still in your inbox.

Do you keep a big cleaning in your inbox? Of course you can also archive several emails at the same time. To do this, select the emails you want to archive one by one by checking the box and clicking the archive button at the top.

You can undo the archiving from 'all e-mail' in two ways. You can select the email by checking the box and then choosing the option 'move to inbox' at the top.

The second option is a right-click on the email itself. Also here the option 'move to inbox' appears.

Unfortunately, there is no search term in Gmail that you can enter to view all your archived emails. You will therefore have to enter a specific search term to find the desired email.


In Outlook, everything is arranged a little more clearly. Here you only have to stand on an e-mail in your inbox or the option to archive this e-mail appears at the top. If you click on this, this mail will disappear to a separate archive folder.

Of course you can also archive the desired e-mail with a right mouse click. To do this, choose the 'archive' option at the bottom or, if you want to make it more complicated, first 'move' and then the 'archive' option.

You can archive multiple emails in Outlook by holding down Ctrl and selecting multiple emails. These turn slightly darker blue. Then you either click on the archive button at the top or move them to the archive folder with a right mouse button.

In Outlook, you unarchive one or more emails by selecting one or more emails with Ctrl and then dragging them back to the inbox.

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