You can send cards online with these sites and apps

Now that we all have to stay at home, we spontaneously feel like painting the walls, buying a new television and putting flowers on the table more often. Although we have a lot of contact with our friends, family and colleagues via our smartphone, it is of course nice to send a card once in a while. Can that person immediately brighten up his house? With these apps and sites you can easily send a greeting card for a fee.


Greetz is probably the most famous website for sending a greeting card, possibly with a gift, partly thanks to the large marketing gun behind it. The website and the app are both easy to use. The charming thing about Greetz is that there is not only a large choice of cards: it is also possible to spice up the text in your card with photos, icons and cheerful colors. It is also possible to put a photo on the front of the card and, for example, make a magazine cover.

The nice thing about Greetz is that there is a wide variety of card types. You can actually find a card for every occasion and every type of person. It is also possible to send a card with music. Being able to send a present is also a good choice, because it is often not possible the other way around: if you buy something from a web store, you cannot add a nice card to it. Although the choice at Greetz is not huge in gifts, there is considerably more available than the standard flowers and chocolates. You don't have to create an account to send a card via Greetz.


At Kaartje2go you can also send gifts with your card and in principle this has many similarities with Greetz. There is a large selection of cards, although it is presented a little less attractively than at Greetz. In any case, the website of Kaartje2go is slightly simpler in design and does not have an app. At least, no app to send cards with. What Kaartje2go does have is an app that lets you bring your ticket to life through augmented reality.

Also at Kaartje2Go you can put your photo on the front of a card, so that you can, for example, make an Easter bunny of yourself, or of the recipient. Just like with Greetz, it is possible to have a card printed in a small, medium or large format. You can also choose the type of paper: chic mother-of-pearl, stylish linen or plain glossy. You do not necessarily have to create an account to send a card, although the website warns that you may miss out on a discount.


When you think of greeting cards, Hallmark immediately comes to mind. Although that association is probably mainly from the card racks in the physical store, Hallmark also has an impressive website full of cards. Cards in all shapes and sizes: made of wood, chocolate, or just plain paper. Just like with the above options, you can make these cards completely the way you want on the inside: with crazy pictures, photos and text in a whole rainbow of colors.

It is also not necessary to create an account at Hallmark, although you do get advantages. The Hallmark website and the Hallmark app are slightly different from those of Greetz and Kaartje2Go, because they radiate a little more peace. That also fits better with the brand that Hallmark is: it is mainly about moments, about emotion, and not so much about being funny. The range of cards shows that too: it's a little less tongue-in-cheek like Greetz, and a little more classic like we know Hallmark from the kiosk.

ticket posting

Ticket posting is slightly less professional in appearance and options than the above three card shops, but has the advantage that the cards themselves are also a bit cheaper to purchase. You can still add pictures and photos to your card, but that process is a bit more via menus instead of being intuitive. Everything is just a bit simpler and there is no app available, for example.

However, if you want to send a card without fuss, Ticket Posts is a site where you don't have to browse for the perfect card for too long. There are plenty of different types of cards within each category to choose from: slightly more playful than the average Hallmark card, but not borderline like Greetz. Just cheerful cards for every personality. It remains with sending a card, because Ticket mailing does nothing with other gifts. You can send the tickets without creating an account.

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