WhatsApp: How to set up dark mode on iPhone and Android

Have you been waiting so long for WhatsApp Dark Mode? Finally checking your messages late at night or early in the morning without being blinded immediately, which is so nice for the eyes. This is how you can set the dark mode on iPhone and Android smartphones.

The importance of a dark mode has not escaped the makers of WhatsApp. After all, it has been known for a long time that the blue light from smartphone screens is not exactly great for your sleep rhythm. It just took a while before the implementation in WhatsApp was actually there. Testers of the beta version were able to get started with it for a while. Now the dark mode is also available for regular users. You set it up like this.

Make sure you are running the latest version of WhatsApp. If the app does not update automatically, first go to your app store and perform the update there manually.

WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS

iPhone owners have it easy. WhatsApp automatically takes over the dark mode of your system settings. Side note: you do need at least iOS 13, on older iOS versions the option is not there. Go to Settings, Display & Brightness. Put the option there Dark if you haven't already done so. WhatsApp now colors in dark, you don't have to set anything within the app itself.

WhatsApp Dark Mode Android

It works a little differently on Android. If you are on Android 10, WhatsApp also takes over your system settings. Depending on the Android shell - which differs per brand - you will find the dark setting for all of Android in a different place. You may already see the setting in the shortcuts drop-down menu. But on a Huawei phone, for example, you go to Settings, Display & Brightness and tick you Dark at. So do a search.

Is your device still on Android 9 or lower (and unfortunately that chance is considerable), then you set the dark mode of WhatsApp within WhatsApp yourself. That works as follows. Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots at the top right. Choose Settings, Chats, Theme. Here you can switch between light and Dark. Once you have chosen the dark mode, you will notice that menus and backgrounds within WhatsApp look much less bright. Your eyes will thank you!

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