Change email address without missing out on email

Changing your email address can be a hassle. Your old email address is probably registered as a login address on numerous sites. In addition, you are probably also listed under this e-mail address in many people's address books. How can you change your email address without missing out on emails?

Step 1 – Keep access

Just like with a real change of address, make sure you still have access to your old address. During the transition period, you naturally want to be able to log in to your old e-mail address every now and then so that you can be sure that you don't miss out.

Step 2 – Let everyone know

Notify your address book of your change via your new e-mail address. NOTE: if you send the mail to all the people in your address book at the same time, don't forget to put it in the BCC box. This way everyone knows about your new email address, without violating the privacy of everyone you know.

Step 3 – Auto-forward and auto-reply

Set from your old e-mail address that e-mails you receive there are automatically forwarded to your new e-mail address. In addition, it pays to set an auto-reply from your old e-mail address in which you indicate that your e-mail address has changed. Of course you also state at which e-mail address you can be reached.

Step 4 – Change your email address on websites

Whether you're signed up to a newsletter, mailing list, or using your email address to log in to websites, make sure you notify us of your email address change in all of these matters. Make a list for yourself so you don't forget anything. You can make this list as complete as possible by looking in your mailbox at all companies/websites/blogs etc. that send you e-mails. Also think of important authorities such as your bank or the municipality.

Step 5 – final tips

If you have gone through all these steps, you can choose to keep your old email address and use it for junk mail. In any case, don't forget to change your e-mail address on your business card if your old e-mail address is still listed there.

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