Resolving Printer Problems Using the Print Spooler

Is your printer suddenly failing to print documents? Or does the printer work, but Windows doesn't want to show the print screen anymore? And reinstalling the printer doesn't help either? You can solve printer problems with Print Spooler.

Step 1: Queue

When your printer goes on strike, you should of course first check whether the device is correctly connected to the PC and whether there is enough paper and ink in it. Also check that no paper is blocking the mechanism. Then you view the status of the printer. Go through the menu Start nasty Institutions where to get the part Devices clicks. In the next window click on Printers and scanners so you can see the stubborn printer in the list. click on Open Queue to find all documents queuing for printing. Often the oldest document is causing the problems. Right click on it and choose Restart. If this does not solve the problem, right-click on the line and choose the command Cancel to remove this task from the list.

Step 2: Service status

If that doesn't help, it's time to reset the Print Spooler. The Print Spooler is a service that prepares documents and manages files to be printed. To do this, type Services in the Windows search box and press Enter. You will now be presented with a long list of services that are active on your computer. These are in alphabetical order, so you'll have to scroll down to Print Spooler to find. Double click on this line and check if it is Startup type on Automatically stands. Then check whether the Service status has already started. If that is not the case, you can still start it via the button of the same name. If nothing happens yet, use the button Fuses.

Step 3: Delete Spooler Files

Leave the window Print Spooler open and open Windows Explorer. Open the folder C:\Windows\system32\spool\printers. Normally this folder should be empty. However, if you find .spl and .shd files here, you've probably found the cause of the problem. Delete all these files. Click in the window Print Spooler click Start and restart the computer. You can then print again.

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