This is how you stream movies and series with Kodi

Kodi is ideal for streaming movies and series and is also free to use. The media center also has many more options, because you can also play your own music and photo collections with it. In this article we explain how Kodi works.

Media player Kodi is free to download for a large number of platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, jailbroken iOS versions and the Raspberry Pi. But looking for good add-ons can sometimes feel like a needle in a haystack. With SuperRepo you download and install a large number of good add-ons in one go.

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Install Kodi

Before adding any fun add-ons to Kodi, install the program on the PC first. Visit to download the freeware. Versions for all common operating systems are available, such as Windows, Linux, OS X and even Raspberry Pi. In this article we work with the Windows version, the operation on other platforms is similar. During the installation, indicate that you want to add all components and complete the wizard. By default, Kodi is in English. Navigate to System / Settings / Appearance / International and choose back Language in front of English.

To install SuperRepo, inside the Kodi interface go to System and choose your File Manager. click on Add source, you will then see a field in which you can add a URL. Type the url //, enter any name and press OK. You will now see the SuperRepo option appear on the left (or whatever name you came up with).

The SuperRepo repository is a large collection of add-ons for Kodi.

Download SuperRepo

You have now linked your Kodi app to SuperRepo's collection of folders. To actually get everything in, go again to System and choose your Settings. Click on the left side Add-ons and then on Install from zip file. Locate the folder you just created (SuperRepo in our case).

Depending on the version of Kodi you have, choose the correct folder. In version 15.1 that is Isenguard, but that may vary by version. In our case, we browse to the folder /repositories/super repo and use the zip file Select the file and press OK. The entire collection of possible channels is now downloaded.

Not everything works equally well, but the choice is large.

Install add-ons

Once you have the repositories installed, you can start selecting add-ons to use. Go back to the main screen and choose Video > Add-ons (or Music > Add-ons if you mainly want to listen to music). click on Get more... and you will find an overview of all add-ons downloaded from the respective repository.

Take a good look at which add-ons you think you need and try them out carefully, you can always remove them later. You install an add-on by clicking on its name and pressing Install.

Stream all the sources

As the name suggests, Stream All The Sources retrieves media files from various sources. The offer is therefore enormous! You surf here to find this add-on. Then you add Stream All The Sources as explained above. Find a nice title and indicate from which website you want to pick up the stream.


For a long time, Genesis was by far the most popular add-on for Kodi. Unfortunately, this application has been unusable for some time now. The makers are now coming up with an alternative under the name Exodus. You can also stream the latest movies and series to your PC with this. You install the extension by downloading the Kodi Bae repository from here.

Here you will find a folder with various files. Click on the file at the very bottom click on Download. Save the full zip file somewhere where you can easily find it. Then activate this repository again as explained above. A big advantage is that this add-on has several ways to sort the offer. A click on Movies gives you access to categories such as In Theaters, Oscar Winners and Most Viewed. As soon as you click on a nice title, you can choose from different streams.

Exodus is, how could it be otherwise, the successor to Genesis.

Settings Exodus

You can easily adjust a few settings to your liking in Exodus. In the main menu of this add-on, choose Tools. Then click Settings: General. Use the keyboard arrows to navigate through the categories. Bee Play if necessary, set a maximum quality. To unburden the network, choose 720p, for example. If you want the best quality, leave this setting at 1080p. Go to Sources and determine from which websites Exodus should fetch the streams. Through Accounts link a or IMDb account if desired. Bee Subtitles activate with English the Dutch language.

Watch live television

It's a bit of work, but you can also set up Kodi to watch live television shows. There are all kinds of add-ons for this, with which you can in principle receive the channels of the public broadcasters and various pay channels. In this article we tell you more about it.

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