Adidas Snapshot: How hard can you shoot a ball?

As a footballer you naturally like to keep track of your performance on the field. How often are you responsible for crucial moments in the match and should opponents really fear for your lightning-fast shots? Fortunately, you can now easily investigate the latter with Adidas Snapshot.

Adidas Snapshot is an app with which you can use the camera in your smartphone to measure how fast you can shoot a ball and at what angle the ball hits the airspace. With this data, the app can then calculate approximately how far the ball will fly before it hits the ground again. This data is of course very interesting to find out about yourself, but what I might have liked even more was trying to beat the score of friends.

Measuring a shot in Adidas Snapshot starts with setting up the app and getting an ideal camera position. The app asks you, among other things, whether the person you are taking the measurement with is left- or right-legged, where the ball is and how big it is. Furthermore, you can only use the app in daylight and you must stand at a certain distance from the ball. This may seem like a hassle, but Adidas Snapshot seems to provide very accurate results with this.

You see the results of the shot in a replay where you see the speed, the angle of the shot and the expected distance of the shot. The data is very clear and the app gives you the option to share it directly with friends on Facebook or YouTube. Personally, I would like to see that the app can also be used for sports such as tennis and basketball in the future. However, Adidas Snapshot is already very addictive.

In short

Adidas Snapshot is a fun app with which you can see how fast you can shoot a ball, at what angle you do this and how far the ball is expected to fly. Due to the strict requirements for measuring a shot, the results appear to be very accurate. If you get started with the app, the necessary competitiveness between you and your friends can be guaranteed.

Rating 8/10

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone

Download Adidas Snapshot on the App Store

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