Strava: 4 tips to enjoy sports more

Are you an avid runner or do you like to jump on your bike? Strava's free app helps you move forward and lets you compete with other athletes. We explain exactly how this works in this article.

Tip 01: Running and cycling

Running and cycling are incredibly popular sports. With the free app from Strava, which is available for both iPhone and Android, these sports activities get an extra dimension. Not only can you keep track of your own performance in detail, but also see how others are doing, both from friends and total strangers. An extra encouragement to perform better and to enjoy your sport.

The app is available for iOS and Android).

Tip 02: Share achievements

Strava GPS Running and Cycling works on the same principle. From the home screen (Record tab), you can record your performance with a press of the large central record button. While you walk, run or cycle, your location and the pace at which you move is continuously recorded.

When you're done, stop the recording and the route you've traveled is shown as a track on a map and the app shows data such as the distance covered, the elapsed time and your pace. The data is stored locally and in your profile on once you are registered. You decide whether your achievements are visible to others.

Tip 03: Leaderboard

Are you curious how you perform compared to others? Then go to the tab Explore. As you zoom in on the map, more and more segments appear on the screen. Segments are trajectories that other athletes have completed. If you run or cycle in such a segment, your performance will automatically be compared with others and included in the leaderboard. It is important that you pass the start and end points and follow the same route.

The map is also very useful for discovering beautiful new places where athletes in your area (or elsewhere) are active. Tap on a segment and you will see in the leaderboard who has completed the route and what has been achieved. The challenge now, of course, is to try to take the lead ourselves. It's even more fun to compete with a bunch of friends.

Tip 04: Create segments

You can also create your own segments via You log in and view the details of a previous activity. Cyclists click on Actions / New Segment. Runners will find this option under the wrench icon. Then use the slider above the map to set the start and end point of the segment. With the buttons below you can adjust the points even more precisely.

Once saved, a leaderboard is maintained fully automatically. Cyclists and runners are tracked separately. You can also keep a segment for yourself, but that is less fun.

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