How to use the sound recorder on Windows 10

If you're looking for a simple sound recording app (for example for your podcast, to see if it's for you), then look no further than Windows 10's sound recorder. This is a free and often pre-installed app, which you can use right away when you have Windows on your system.

If you somehow don't already have the app on your system, click here to go to the Microsoft Store. Press the right button to open the store application on your computer, then press the right button again to install the app.

After installing and opening the sound recorder, you soon come to the conclusion that the app is straightforward. Of course you need a microphone for this. So make sure you have it connected. Or if you use a laptop: that the built-in microphone is switched on.

Using Sound Recorder Windows 10

You start recording by pressing the large microphone button at the bottom. You can also start recording with Ctrl + R (from record). Meanwhile, while recording, you can add a flag to the recording, so that you can see afterwards that you still need to edit or add something. The recording will not stop, but pressing the flag will take you directly to that part of the recording. So you don't have to search afterwards.

You can use the pause button to pause the recording. Sounds logical, but in this case the recording will not be stopped and you will not continue in another file when you turn the recording back on. So you record in one file; but you can still take a break. When you press the stop button, the recording will be closed and saved as an m4a file in the Documents folder.

Incidentally, it is also possible to listen back and edit recorded Windows files in the program. To do this, open the sound recorder and select the file you want to hear in the menu on the left. The trim button (bottom, second from the left) allows you to edit the track. You then select a start and end point to extract from your recording. Then you can save the file as it is now by pressing the floppy disk. Choose the option to save a copy here, so that you always have the original file at your disposal.

It is also possible to share an audio file with others directly from the app. You do this by using the share button. You'll find it at the bottom, first from the left.

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