Notes on the desktop with Sticky Notes

Everyone knows those Post It stickers, which you usually fill with points that you should not forget. But before you know it, your entire computer screen will be full of these leaves. It is more convenient to use digital memos.

To remember things, many still enthusiastically stick yellow (or differently colored) self-adhesive notes on, for example, the edge of the screen. Even better - because extremely attention-grabbing - would be to stick the leaves on the screen itself. In the paper version, this is not convenient, because then you can no longer see the underlying part of the screen. That is why there is also a virtual version of the sticky notes in Windows 10. From the Start menu, click Sticky Notes (or Sticky Notesif you use the Dutch version of Windows 10). You will immediately see a virginal empty yellow sticky note appear. And a window asking if you want to enable Insights. To prevent Microsoft from reading along with your notes, we advise you to: Not now to click.


You can adjust the color of the leaf if desired by clicking on the button with the three dots in the top right of the screen. You will also see a settings gear. This leads to the only option available: Turn Insights on or off. If all goes well, they'll be off. Click on the plus sign at the top left of a note sheet, which may or may not be filled in, and you add a new copy. In this way you can 'wallpaper' your entire desktop with sticky notes. A click on the trash can deletes the note. To quickly use the notes, you can place the app on the 'Quick Launch' bar directly to the right of the Start button. To do this, right-click Sticky Notes in the Start menu. And then in the opened context menu under More on Pin to taskbar. As long as you do not close the program, the notes remain visible. Even if you have closed Windows and restarted it. The chance that you will miss a reminder is therefore small. Unfortunately, it is not possible to keep sticky notes at the top of other applications.

You can find all your memos in the list of notes by clicking on the three horizontal dots within the tool. You can also sync notes across devices and apps, such as OneNote Mobile, Microsoft Launcher for Android, and Outlook for Windows. Go back to the menu for this List of notes and press the gear in the top right corner of the window. Then sign in to sync your notes to the cloud.

You can also search your notes by entering a search term in the search box at the top of the notes list or pressing CTRL + F on the keyboard to search. The list of notes is filtered for only the notes containing the search term.

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