The 10 best smartphones you can buy in 2016

Manufacturers are constantly on the move to develop new smartphones. Between all that high-end violence, it is difficult to determine which smartphone is the most pleasant for you. Read all about the best smartphones of the moment in this article and find out if your device is among them.

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Looking for the best smartphones of 2017? We collect them here!

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will come, just like the S6, in an edge variant, which is about a hundred euros more expensive than the regular flat version. The differences between the Galaxy S6 edge and the S7 edge are subtle: the back now also has curves, the camera protrudes a little less and the glass front and back are slightly curved over the top and bottom. The metal edge around the device is also a bit rounder and neater. It's all small details that make the device just that little bit more beautiful.

The biggest adjustment to the housing is one that you don't see: the device has been made waterproof. Without having to fumble with covers like with waterproof Xperia smartphones. A sudden dive is always possible, without a doubt panic moment about valves. However, keep in mind that the micro USB port must be dry before charging the Galaxy S7 to avoid short circuits or damage to your device. You just can't run into the sea with your S7 to shoot underwater photos. The touchscreen does not work underwater and there is no physical shutter button. So for the best underwater photos you have to rely on the Xperia Z5.

In terms of hardware, Samsung has gone out of its way with the Galaxy S7 edge. The design, camera, screen, battery life and computing power are unmatched from anything I've come across in a smartphone so far. However, it is still TouchWiz that has to catch up to keep up with the hardware and the high price of the device.

Here you will find the full review of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Our video review can be found here.

iPhone 7 (Plus)

The iPhone 7 and the larger iPhone 7 Plus are almost indistinguishable from its predecessor. Yet you cannot say that Apple has been sitting still. Is the iPhone 7 distinctive enough, even compared to its competitors?

The most striking change is of course the lack of a headphone jack. Apple itself doesn't have a good explanation for it either. The marketing department spins it as a courageous decision, which is necessary to give wireless headphones a necessary boost. But in fact, it's just a decision that only works in Apple's favor and causes unnecessary hassle and frustration for users.

Is the iPhone 7 a good smartphone? Without a doubt. This also applies to the large Plus version. The device has been improved on all fronts, faster, better camera, nicer screen, and so on. Yet the innovation is lacking. You can expect a little more innovation from a company like Apple. When buying a new smartphone, many people blindly choose the latest iPhone, and this time too they will have an excellent device. However, if you already have an iPhone 6(s), an upgrade will yield little. Unfortunately, the lack of a headphone jack and the extreme prices leave a bad taste, they demand a greedy leading role from a smartphone that is not much to criticize.

The extensive review of the iPhone 7 (Plus) can be read here.

Huawei Mate 9

The Huawei Mate 9 has a large appearance with its 5.9-inch screen. But because the edges around the display are narrow, the device is exactly the same size as the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus. A great achievement, although it remains a telephone that you have to operate with two hands. That's no punishment, because it has a slightly convex metal housing that is well finished and feels luxurious. It is a pity that the phone is not water and dust resistant.

One part that Huawei invested heavily in when presenting the Mate 9 is the performance. The self-developed Kirin 960 with 4GB of RAM is much faster and has more graphics power than previous Kirin processors, and can compete with the Galaxy S7 (Edge) and OnePlus 3T in terms of performance. The Mate 9 runs like a charm and heavy games are no problem. The large 4000 mAh battery provides a long battery life of about one and a half days, and those who take it easy can go two days ahead. Even with a day of intensive use, where the screen is on for more than 5 hours, it is difficult to empty the smartphone before going to bed.

The Huawei Mate 9 is a phablet with a beautiful design, large display and powerful hardware. In addition, it has special cameras that take beautiful photos, a long battery life and it is Huawei's first device with Android 7.0 and the renewed EMUI 5.0 shell. It works well, but there is still plenty of room for improvement. All in all, the Mate 9 is a good choice in a segment where there is little competition.

The full review of the Mate 9 can be found here.

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