This way you get more privacy on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful platform where we show our best side in the hope that it will help us further on our career path. But showing your best side doesn't mean that everyone really needs to know everything about you. Fortunately, at LinkedIn you have a fair amount of control over what can and cannot be shown.


When you log in to LinkedIn, click on the profile picture and then Settings and privacy, you will be taken to a page with a lot of settings, divided into four tabs. In the second tab, Privacy, you can specify exactly what information others can see in your LinkedIn profile. For example, you can determine here whether information from your profile can be displayed in search engines, whether people can see your e-mail address, and even whether people can see your last name. We recommend that you go through this section very carefully to shape your profile exactly the way you like.


We don't always realize it, but advertising and privacy are closely linked. We want to dispel the myth that advertisers know exactly who you are and what you do. That's not how it works. All advertisers can do is say send my ad to people with these traits. However, you may not like those personalized ads at all. Through the tab Ads can you specify exactly how you want this to be. For example, you can indicate that you no longer want advertisements based on websites you have visited, that your profile data may no longer be used for advertisements and of course that advertisements may no longer be based on everything you do and have entered within LinkedIn. You will still get ads, but they will be completely random. The question, of course, is which is more irritating.


Privacy is not only about determining what people see about you and which advertisements you choose for you, but also who can contact you, who can send you a connection request and so on. You can fully manage these kinds of things, as well as things like read receipts in the tab Communication. So with three tabs you have full control over your own privacy.

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