Find beautiful fonts: this is how you can find that one font

Suppose you have found a nice font on a certain website, which you would like to use for, for example, your PowerPoint presentation or Word document. How do you find out which font it is exactly? Fortunately, there are ways to make finding and finding font names a breeze. You can search for beautiful fonts online.

Fortunately, we live in a time when more and more things are centrally documented and that brings certain advantages. In this case it is sometimes possible to search huge databases of fonts. That would be quite a task if you had to do it manually, so luckily there are tools to help you with that. A fantastic site is What The Font.

What The Font

What you can do on this site is upload an image containing the font you are looking for. You then have to indicate which letter exactly corresponds to which part of the image, after which the site will search for the right font for you. It doesn't always work, but even if it doesn't, you'll still end up with a font that's really, really similar.

Give directions yourself

If you don't have an image available, but do know exactly what the font you're looking for looks like, is a great website. On this website you can firstly search on various criteria, such as the name of course, but also the name of the font it resembles, the symbol that appears in it and the name of the designer / distributor.

More interesting, however, is that you can also go through a questionnaire to get one step closer to your font based on Yes / No answers. Admittedly, this is a little less accurate than WhatTheFont's service, but it's a great way to at least find the font you're excited about, and hopefully the exact font you're looking for.

If you come across a nice font on a website while surfing, you can quickly and easily recognize it by installing the WhatFont extension for your Google Chrome browser. The extension shows an icon in Chrome. Clicking this changes your mouse pointer into a question mark. Move this over the fonts of a website and you will immediately see which font it is. Useful!

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