This way you can quickly download images from Outlook

If you use Outlook frequently, you will undoubtedly know that the program does not download images that have been processed in emails by default. There's a good reason for that, but if you want to, you can tell the program to download all images automatically from now on.


It actually seems especially annoying that you first have to click on a status bar and indicate that images need to be downloaded. The reason this has to be done in Outlook is for your own security. Tracking pixels are also images that tell the sender that an email has arrived and opened. When a spam robot sends you an email and sees that it has been opened, it knows that this is a valid email address. Of course you want to avoid that. In addition, viruses and malware are another reason Outlook doesn't want anything other than the email body to open automatically. We do not recommend disabling this, but it is possible.

Enable per person

The security arguments we mentioned in the first point are of course less relevant when it comes to emails from people you know. There is therefore a way to only disable the downloading of images for acquaintances. You do this by clicking on an email from the relevant person in Outlook and then right-clicking on the information message stating that the images are not automatically downloaded. Then click Add Sender to Safe Senders List. From now on, images in this person's messages will always be downloaded automatically.

Always download images

If you really want all images to be automatically downloaded from now on, regardless of the sender, right-click in the information message in any email and then click Change automatic download settings. You will then immediately end up in the right menu, where you remove the check mark at the option Do not automatically download images in HTML-formatted emails and RSS items. Now when you click OK, images will be downloaded automatically from now on.

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