Swapchat: Snapchat for Windows Phone

Snapchat, it's probably one of the biggest social media hypes of 2013. The principle is simple, you take a photo or video, write or draw something on it and send it to your friends or someone special. The recipients can then only view your message for a few seconds before it is automatically deleted. With Swapchat, Windows Phone users can also get started with this.

Swapchat is an unofficial app for Windows Phone owners that allows you to send photos and videos via Snapchat. Since the official Snapchat app is only available for Android and iOS, Swapchat was created.

Although Swapchat is not from the creators of the original Snapchat, the app is very similar to its big brother. For example, the interface consists of little more than a camera button and a few buttons to adjust the settings of the app and consult your friends list. After taking a photo it is also possible to provide it with a text or to add something to it. Unfortunately, Swapchat has to do without the ability to send videos. It is possible to receive.

Two versions of Swapchat are available in the Windows Marketplace. A free version with ads and a free version without ads.

In short

Swapchat is an unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone users. The app is very similar to the official app in every way, but has to do without the ability to send videos.

Score 8/10

Price: Free, € 2.69

Available for: Windows Phone

Download Swapchat in the Windows Marketplace

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